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How the conflict started between Israel and philistine.

How the conflict started between Israel and philistine. The biography of Israel.

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Before we discuss the current situation of the war, we have to know about the geography of Israel and philistine. If we come to the map we can see three different parts of this region. One in the control of The Israel which is the larger part of the region. It is covering the Second part which is partially occupied by Israel and philistine. The third one is a nominal Gaza region and occupied by ham-mas.

Geographical conflict:

The first conflict is the geographical, in the second region which is mentioned by me in the introduction and partially occupied by Israel and philistine is very controversial. You can see there are more than hundreds of points in this region where Palestinians are living. It is quite difficult to differentiate about the region you are staying in. Even if you start walking you will be in Israeli territory the next moment. If you see the map you will understand that there are Palestinians in between Israelis and when two different thoughts of mind people live together, conflict may occur.

Reason of conflict:

The reason for the conflict is Jerusalem. As you know, Jerusalem is cut in two parts, the first one west Jerusalem where Israeli lives and the second East Jerusalem where Palestinian lives. This is the division of the territory by international law in 2020. Now the Jewish say that the complete city of Jerusalem is theirs and the philistines are occupying East Jerusalem while the philistine says the complete city of Jerusalem is theirs and the Jewish are occupied. In the last some years the Israeli Government has occupied many Philistine’s homes and destroyed them. They are building new homes for their Jewish in East Jerusalem.

Hamas’s contribution in this conflict: 

The third region is Gaza where Hamas has their control. Hamas is a militant group declared by the USA, EU, Israel and japan. On the other hand the UK and Australia only consider the militant wing a terrorist group. There are some countries which don’t consider Hamas a terrorist group.

Hamas and Israelis consistently fire rockets at each other. Although Israel has an Iron dome. It is a very efficient defense system that keeps them protected against the rockets fired by Hamas. The firings of rockets and airstrikes occur between Gaza and Israel. The West bank philistine’s are peaceful people. In this war The militants of Hamas have entered Israel’s territory and started killing Jewish. They have taken control of many parts of the Israeli occupied territory. They have killed almost 2000 Jewish, many of them soldiers. They have killed a major general of the Israeli army.

They declare that they are ready to talk for peace but they want control of Al – Aqsa mosque.

The Israeli army attacks civilian buildings, hospitals and schools.

On the other hand the Israeli army has attacked civilians, including children and women. At the latest updates almost 150 children and more than 300 women are killed by Israeli bombing.

Russia, China, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia have strongly condemned Israel for its attacks on civilian buildings and warned them not to start a third world war.


The Two nation formula is the best option to resolve this matter permanently. It is also in the UN resolution that these two nations should go back to 1967 geographic occupation. If this conflict is not resolved it could be the start of a third world war.

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