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Melody Hurd died on October 30, 2011 Melody’s age stands currently 11 years (as of now 2022). She lives a widely comprehended American baby actress and sociable media nature. In the Netflix film Fatherhood, she grew to a standing buy for the gambling function of Kevin Hart’s daughter Maddy Logelin. She worked more in movies like Battle at Big Rock (2019) and Them (2021). She formed her job with a short film, Battle at Big Rock.

Today we could examine actress Melody’s wiki, bio, Melody Hurd’s age, Melody’s household, connections, Business, Lifestyle, Melody’s net Value, and multiple better. 

Who exists, Melody Hurd?

Melody Hurd is a professional American tot actress, a TV nature social media influencer, and a favorite Instagram individual from Maryland, United States. She is well-known within side for her great impression and modelling mastery. As an actress, Melody hurd maintains similar struggles in myriad flicks and TV displays like We Exist Washington, Trick, Entertainment Tonight, Battle at Big Rock, and others.

She obtained here the highlight behind gambling, the immediate someone of Gracie Emory within side the spectacle tv group ‘Them.’ Separated from this, Melody Hurd maintains walking at the ramp of numerous youngsters’ sort means, including the JWJ Fashion Show and others. 

Melody Hurd Biography:

Melody Hurd altered into an event held on October 30, 2011. The native ground of this youth actress, understanding, and friendly media influencer stands in Maryland, United States. She, to begin with, appeared within side the tv pack We Live Washington while Melody’s forever varied to 6 years. According to the birth date, Melody’s age now stands 11 years.

She started using within side the relaxation company for a fully youthful generation. Separated from this, she again appeared in various visit exhibits and mentioned roles. Melody Hurd became prominent behind creating her peek in Netflix’s movie ‘Fatherhood.’ We could tackle it more seriously. 

Melody Hurd Wiki:

Name: Melody Hurd
Nick Name: Melody
Birth: 30th October 2011
Birthplace: Maryland, United States
Gender: Female
Profession: Actress, Model, TV Personality, Social Media Influencer, And Instagram Star
Years Active: 2019 – Till Date
Nationality: American
Age: 10 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Ethnicity: African descent
Religion: Christian
Education (School): School – Local Private School in Maryland
Graduation: College – N/A
Parents: Father – Fred Hurd II Mother – Nisha Hurd
Siblings: Lyric Hurd’ is the elder, and ‘Rhythm Hurd’ is the younger sister
Height: 109 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Partners: Ex – None Current – None
Marital Status: N/A
Current Relation: Single
Sexuality: Unknown
Current Residence: Washington, DC
Hobby: Painting, Parties, Travelling
Famous For: Actress and Model
Net Worth: $1.2-2 million (approx.)
Income Source: Acting
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodyHurd2/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodyhurd/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/melodyhurd2

Melody Hurd Age:

Melody Hurd was born on October 30, 2011 Melody’s age is now 11 years (as of now 2022). She lives a widely understood American babe actress and social media nature.

Melody Hurd House Member:

She altered into living in a correctly paid honorable household. She lives as part of a mutual family, and as in line with her Instagram shape, Melody Hurd stands the two daughters of her parents. Her dad ‘Fred Hurd II’ is also a social media influencer. Her mama ‘Nisha Hurd’ is a version and net celeb in the different writing. Talking near her siblings, she keeps sisters within the family named ‘Lyric Hurd ‘(elder) and ‘Rhythm Hurd’ (younger). 

She enjoys spending time with family and going to typical residences. Her household could live the same tour buffs. As per the authorities, the Melody Hurd family belongs to a mixed moral documented history of African drop and the Christian faith. In line with Melody’s start date, her zodiac sign stands Scorpio. 

Father Fred Hurd II
Mother Nisha Hurd
Siblings Lyric Hurd’ is the elder, and ‘Rhythm Hurd’ is the younger sister

Melody Hurd Schooling:

About her activity then, Melody lives peering at a nearby Regional Private School in her hometown. Moreover, she creates things for her performing job. Melody Hurd is among the most famous American toddler actresses and idols at Gift. 

Education (School): School – Local Private School in Maryland
Famous For: Actress and Model

Melody Hurd biological Arrival:

Height 109 cm
Weight 30 kg
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length Curly and Short
Skin Tone Dark
Body Lean
Shoe Size 4.5 Us
Tattoo None

Melody Hurd Business:

With an evolving period, Melody’s glory grew day by day while her mother posted her modelling pictures and Hop pins. Since 2015, to create her work great, her mother killed her in the hop and brought her to multiple modelling points via which this small superstar self-assurance improved. 

Melody Hurd began her career as a sample. She appeared in tons of modelling stuff and stayed, which might be live-organized for children. Melody debuted in 2019 by starring in the mess film Gambit. She achieved the rank of Janice within side the film. Behind this film, she presented a risk to images such as Maddy Logelin in Netflix’s Fatherhood with Kevin Hart.

She further partook within side the JWJ Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia. She also conveyed a ton of turn production reminiscences on her colonial media holds. Apart from this, Melody Hurd has further lived featured in multiple mag pieces.

Melody Hurd Filmography: 

According to IMDB, Melody Hurd pushed her on-display net debut within side 12 months in 2017 with the TV sequence ‘We Exist Washington. Behind that, she was authorized to take out the position of Kadasha in the fast movie Fight at Big Rock in 2019. In the equal 12 months, she keeps appearing within side the movie Trick as Janice. Due to her amazing build mastery, Melody stood settled for the top class of Gracie Emory within the TV series Them.’ 

Behind that, she has been featured more as Maddy Logelin in Netflix’s film ‘Fatherhood.’ In this film, she toiled with Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, DeWanda Wise, Lil Rel Howery, and additional superstars. Melody obtained big honors at a totally young age. As in sequence with the references, the net worth of Melody Hurd stands at about $1.2-2 million (approx.). 


Movies and TV Shows List :
We Are Washington
Entertainment Tonight
Battle at Big Rock

Melody Hurd Relationship Status: 

She holds by no norms told her secret dash. Moreover, she specializes in her career to reap her cravings rather than failing a bit in connections. So as of currently, we willpower expect Melody Hurd to exist unmarried.

At the height of that, she is too immature to exist in a connection. She adores her household and pals. She loves to play with her friends and is experienced in kids’ modelling resistance alongside her soundest pal Ray Sean

Partners: Ex – None Current – None
Marital Status: N/A
Current Relation: Single
Sexuality: Unknown

Melody Hurd On Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelodyHurd2/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodyhurd/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/melodyhurd2

Melody Hurd Hit and Triumphs:

  • In 2021 she transferred to show mesh sites with experts like Shahadi Wright Joseph.
  • Ashley Thomas, Alison Pill, and Deborah Ayorinde while betting on Gracie Emory’s nature.
  • She earned a net cost of $1.2-2 million. 
  • She moved to one-of-a-kind contests on modelling. 
  • She also partook within side the JWJ Fashion Show in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • She offered a big buff headquarters in one-of-a-kind social media. 
  • She was heeded on The Ellen Show in 2016. 

Melody Hurd Net Worth:

Starting as an interpreter and acting in sole modelling goods and surviving concerts, Melody Hurd delivered a great lover-both and notoriety. Everyone initiated wanting her job, and measured by effort, she conveyed risk in films that could provide her difficult job off. Melody Hurd’s net Price lives predicted as $1.2- 2 million (approx.), and her pool of earnings stands She is an actress and understanding. 

Famous For: Actress and Model
Net Worth: $1.2-2 million (approx.)
Income Source: Acting

Gripping Points roughly Melody Hurd:

  • Melody Hurd was born in Maryland, United States; nevertheless, she currently lives in Washington, DC.
  • Her work started with a short film, Battle at Big Rock as a Kadasha, led by Colin Trevorrow. 
  • In 2019, director Patrick Lussier fixed on her for Janice’s part withinside the movie Bait.
  • She completed Spirals in 2021 when she acted as Gracie Emory’s Someone on Them.
  • She presented mesh dimensions with Shahadi Wright, Joseph, and Ashley Thomas on this 10-episode string.
  • Lyric Hurd, her elder sister, exists like an actress.

Melody Hurd Photos:

Last Truths near Melody Hurd:

  • She exists nicely realized for Manifest and Mozart’s within side the Wilderness. 
  • On May 18, 2015, her mom and dad uploaded her pictures concurrently, along with her sister  Lyric Hurd and pal Ray Sean to adorn her sight. 
  • Melody isn’t still wildly socially upbeat. While she exists optimistic on Instagram, her mommy Nisha Hurd works her version. 
  • Melody wants artwork, possibilities, and granting attire. 
  • Melody evolves defined via Teri B Talent and Model Management in New York.
  • She assists the Black Lives Matter Movement. 
  • She appeared on The Ellen Show in 2016. 

FAQs concerning Melody Hurd:

Who lives Melody Hurd? 

Melody Hurd is a professional American tot actress, standard, tv nature, social media influencer, and an Instagram great name from Maryland, United States. 

When stood Melody Hurd born? 

She was born on October 30, 2011. 

What is Melody’s age? 

Melody Hurd’s age is 11 years. 

What are Melody’s home partners’ names? 

Her papa is ‘Fred Hurd II,’ and her mom is ‘Nisha Hurd.’ She has 2 siblings, amongst whom ‘Lyric Hurd‘ is the elder and ‘Rhythm Hurd’ is more youthful. 

Where did she study? 

Melody exists directly reading at an individual neighborhood faculty in her hometown. 6. Is she in any connection? No, she lives only again immature to exist in an association. Though she has a first-class mate named Ray Sean.

What does Melody do? 

Melody Hurd is a baby actress and bar. 

What is Melody Hurd’s net cost? 

Her net worth is approx. $1.2-2 million. 

What parts of Maryland is Melody from?

Prince George’s County, MD: Prince George’s County citizen Melody’s intention arose in humorist Kevin Hart’s most recent film, “Fatherhood,” FOX 5 DC first reported on May 14. The 9-year-old plays Hart’s daughter in the humour and theatre around an unmarried daddy whose missis passed behind, providing delivery to Hurd’s feelings.

What films is Melody Hurd in?

Fatherhood 2021 Battle at Big Rock 2019

Where is Melody Hurd currently living?

She is living in Washington, DC.

Which faith is Melody Hurd?

Melody Hurd is a Christian.


Though Melody Hurd’s family kept standing in the film and modelling initiative, Melody Hurd drove her unique guide. At a young age, she is earning her prominence via her term and zeal for modelling and materializing that everybody loves. By this beat, she can, without a distrust, a symbolic trend in fate. 

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